viviscal side effects

Tired of dealing with weak brittle hair? Don’t worry I’ve been there too.

I have a confession to make – my hair used to make me depressed. It seemed like the older I got, the thinner and weaker my hair became.

I had seriously thought about giving up on my hair, not right away of course. I had tried over a dozen celebrity hair treatments, traditional hair ointments, and miracle hair supplements.

Nothing was working.

I was ready to give up. I was at the end of my rope, I was searching deep within hair care forums and reading blog posts late at night. Then I found a few reviews about Viviscal. They seemed to be written by women just like me, who had problems just like mine. Some of the products that I had previously tried had left me with some unpleasant side effects so I was initially worried about Viviscal side effects.

I couldn’t find any horror stories or bad reviews online, so with nothing to lose and no high expectations I decided to give Viviscal a try.

This is my story about Viviscal.

So, Just What Is Viviscal?

vivWomanHomeProductShotWell you know that it’s a pill, that much is clear.

When I heard that, the first thing that came to my mind was that it must be a drug. So when I started to look into Viviscal side effects related to it being a drug were at the top of my list. I was absolutely relieved when I found out that Viviscal is simply a dietary supplement that promotes hair growth.

No drugs, and so no drug related Viviscal side effects.

The creator of Viviscal is Lifes2Good, a health and beauty company that has won numerous awards for Viviscal and its other products as well. Lifes2Good proudly claims that effective nutrition is the only proper way to have hair that is healthier and thicker as well. This is why their products have remained completely drug free over the years.

I was happy to see that they offer a comprehensive line of products for people with various needs. The three main products that they offer are: Viviscal Professional; Viviscal Man; and, the one that I’ll be focusing on today, Viviscal Extra Strength for Women. The good thing about this line of products is that each one specifically targets the hair loss problems that men or women face.

I thought about purchasing Viviscal Professional but since it was my first experience with the line of products, I decided to go with Viviscal Extra Strength for Women.

While researching, I found that the only difference between the two products is that Viviscal Professional is simply a more powerful version of Viviscal Extra Strength for Women. At first, Viviscal Professional was only meant for hair salons, dermatologists, and spas, but now anyone can purchase it.

What Is In Viviscal?

I’ve told you what Viviscal is, but the next question that you’re probably asking is “what’s in it?”. What are the Ingredients?

This is important to know because depending on the person using it there may be some ingredient related Viviscal side effects.

AminoMar: This is a Viviscal exclusive ingredient that consists of essential marine protein molecules that are mixed with natural Silica and a Horsetail (Stem) Extract blend. In short, these elements help to promote the growth of existing hair from inside your body.
Iron: This element is important in the body for a wide list of reasons, one of which is the health of your hair. Iron plays a major role in the creation of red blood cells, and red blood cells carry oxygen to your hair and other parts of your body.
Vitamin C: Viviscal gets its Vitamin C from acerola cherries and it is an antioxidant that facilitates the absorption of Iron in your blood.
Biotin: This helps your body metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids. These nutrients are necessary for the formation of healthy strong hair.

I was pleased to find out that Viviscal didn’t contain dairy, since I have a severe allergic reaction to even the mildest dairy products. It also doesn’t contain: nuts, wheat, soya, gluten, or eggs; so if you’re allergic to any of those they you don’t have to worry.

I did find out that Viviscal has traces of fish and shellfish in its ingredients. So if you are allergic to these foods then you will most likely experience fish and shellfish related Viviscal side effects.

So What Was My Impression Of Viviscal?

Now on to what you all really want to know. What a lot of the Viviscal reviews that I read told me but I was too sceptical to believe.

“Did you like it?” “Did it work?”

Don’t worry I’m getting to that.

As I said before, I tried the Viviscal Extra Strength for Women. It came with a six month plan that consisted of two pills every day. I was impressed to see that the pills relatively tiny compared to other supplements that I had taken in the past and they were almost tasteless.

To be honest I had expected that they would have tasted like fish and have my breath smelly for hours afterwards. Lucky for me this was not the case. I didn’t even have to take them with food, a simple glass of water was all I needed.

To make sure that I was being as impartial as possible, I made sure that I was taking no other supplements or vitamins and my diet stayed relatively the same. For me that meant salads for lunch and a lot of takeout for dinner.

29077During the first two months I noticed some minor changes. Not enough to have me fully convinced that it was working but enough to make me want to continue using the product. I visibly noticed that less and less strands were stuck in my hairbrush when I combed my hair.

The next two months were when I noticed the most drastic changes. Yes I had even less loose strands whenever I combed my hair but I also noticed other improvements as well. Most importantly, I was not losing clumps of hair that looked like furballs whenever I washed my hair, almost all of it was staying on my head. My hair was also getting easier to brush and softer every week.

The last two months were the icing on the cake. As the weeks went by it grew harder and harder for me to see my scalp through my hair. My hair had become so thick and soft that it was actually a bit hassling (an enjoyable one) to put my hair in a ponytail – I had to go out and buy bigger elastic hair ties.

As an added bonus my nails were stronger than ever before and I was finally able to grow them a bit longer and have them properly manicured (no more fake nails for me!). This was one of the best and most surprising Viviscal side effects that I experienced.

What Are The Major Viviscal Side Effects?

All of your hair grows faster – take a moment to understand what this means. This means that you might have to wax your legs and other hairy areas a bit more often. Honestly this didn’t bother me, I was willing to make this compromise if it meant that I would have a beautiful head of hair. I am glad that my eyelashes are longer and they aren’t falling out as often.

My hair is noticeably greasier. Yes this can be a bit annoying but again I was willing to deal with it to have beautiful stronger hair. Thankfully, ever since I switched to a dry shampoo the greasiness has subsided a lot.

I had mild breakouts during the initial stages of using the product. This scared me the most; however, once my body adapted to the vitamins the breakouts subsided.

Would I Recommend Viviscal?

Short answer – “Absolutely!”

It’s an extremely simple straightforward plan. I told all of my friends that asked me the same thing; the most difficult part of this treatment is remembering to take the pills every day.

In my honest opinion the positive effects outweigh the drawbacks and the Viviscal side effects are easy to deal with as long as you aren’t allergic to fish.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Viviscal’s website, you won’t regret it.